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Artistic Statement

As physical beings we are subjected to the world around us. From infancy we observe, mimic, and experiment in order to survive. Before all else, we learn to feel... to touch. Inside our mother’s wombs we see first with our bodies, then through our ears, through our tongue, our nose, and lastly our eyes. Movement is our primary mode of interaction and communication, long before our reality expands past this maternal environment.

Outside the womb, movement allows us to experiment and experience physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. As humans, our connections to movement run so deep that mirror neurons allow us to vicariously experience a physical situation just from observation. It is a form of communication that can express more than words can describe. It is inherent in each of us, no matter how much we have come to rely on our other senses.

Choreography is the cultivation of movement. It serves as both an experience for the performer as well as the observer. Like us it lives in the moment, subject to the passing of time. My work as a practitioner explores interactions (be it with ourselves, others, or an environment) in order to better understand our individual and collective relationships to the physical world.

Sarah Jack

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